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Just as a knot can be knotted,

it can also be disentangled.

Ling shu Chapter 1


This statement is taken from one of the most important texts of Chinese Medicine and reflects a deep understanding of nature - everything is in a constant process of transformation. Our body is in a constant process of alchemy and change. It has a remarkable ability to regenerate and heal once we create the right conditions.


Think of how you may have a cut in your skin and a week later there is not even a trace of it! Although it is true that many ailments are more complex than a simple cut, and they may involve a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual complexities. Still, fundamentally the principal is the same . I always keep this understanding at the back of my mind when treating people.


To create real change and healing, new and different signals have to be introduced to the body. It requires a change in the existing pattern. If the body or mind is in the habit of a negative pattern of disease, it is likely to continue to do so unless there is a real change in direction.


I use three different methods in order to change physical, emotional or mental patterns of behavior:


Acupuncture & Chinese nutrition – changing energetic patterns.

Alexander Technique – changing postural and thought habits.

Meditation – changing mental patterns/habits/beliefs.


Although I divide those into three categories, in actuality they are not separate and are treated as one!



Gal Mor Canberra Acupuncture & Alexander Technique

I think that because of its unique way of understanding physiological and pathological processes and because it is focused on treating human beings and not just isolated ailments, Acupuncture (Chinese Medicine) is able to assist in a vast range of conditions. Alexander Technique is one of the most profound methods of changing negative habits. Meditation is a fantastic tool to assist you to be more calm, happy and simply be comfortable being YOU!


I invite you to take another step in your healing and am looking forward to supporting you in achieving your health goals!



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