How Does Acupuncture Work?


Over the centuries there has been a constant human effort to understand life. Thousands of years ago, in China, through meditation and the observation of nature, Taoist practitioners observed that there is something behind all processes of life. They called it ‘Qi’. In the west this term is often translated as 'Energy' or ‘vital energy’. It is the creative force or the essence in everything and perhaps it is simply life itself. 

Acupuncture, is a part of Chinese Medicine and is an Energetic Medicine. This means that Acupuncture works through influencing the quantity and quality of Qi. It changes the way Qi behaves in the body and introduces the body with new qualities, new ways of behaviour and new signals. The body then receives tools to change its patterns which have created illness. It is a form of re-programming our body. 

Acupuncture involves the use of fine needles on key points around the body. These points are located along a complex network of energy pathways (Meridians) that circulate through the entire body. By stimulating particular Acupuncture points - the body receives new instructions to function differently and its own innate wisdom (of a healthy behaviour) is awakened again. The stimulation of Acupuncture points brings an energetic change. Before any physical change can manifest (whether it is healthy or pathological change), there is a unseen energetic process that takes place. Acupuncture brings transformation to this unseen energetic process - the physical body then follows this new energetic direction. When the energies are balanced, the body is healthy. This approach does not suppress illness but supports the natural ability of the body to heal. Click to learn more about Acupuncture

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