How does Blushield work?

First it is important to note that Blushield are not healing devices, but provide an environment that supports healthy biological processes.

Here is the short explanation: Because of the electric nature of our biology, we are constantly effected by the different EMF's (electro magnetic friquencies) around us. Blushield does not block EMF's. Instead, Blushield technology provides a scalar field comprised of a wide spectrum of natural low frequencies within the human responsive range.

Blushield devices actively produce scalar waves which induces coherence in your environment and overrides all ambient EMF fields. The body can then resonates with the fields from the device rather than from the many different artificial harmful EMF that now surround us constantly. Blushield is a subtle energy device, mimicking nature but much more powerfully. 

Scalar frequencies, are the coherent energies that exists in nature. They carry all the information that is essential for life. When we are exposed to higher frequencies of EMF, our body becomes effected by those instead of tuning into the gentle low scalar fields. The EMF's just shout louder..

Blushield devices brings a scalar field that is loud enough to over-ride EMF's around us. The body can then easily utilise these frequencies to reduce stress and maintain psychological and physiological balance when exposed to EMF. It's technology is in harmony with the body’s natural rhythm’s and cycles. Relieving the body from the stress of EMF allows bodily functions to normalise easily since it can be re-connected with the resonance of the earth.

Here is the long explanation:


Scalar energy or scalar fields are information fields and are considered to be longitudinal in their behaviour.  

Scalar fields exist as the informational/non-physical component of all matter. Here we will be discussing them mainly in relation to electromagnetic fields (EMFs). 

Electro magnetic waves are transverse waves. Transverse waves are the part of the EMF that can be measured by meters, and are easily measurable. They are literally waves and move in time from one point to another. The term transverse refers to the up-and-down, oscillating motion of this wave moving through 3D space.  They are also called Hertzian waves. Transverse waves are currently being used in electricity and telecommunications, since they were more easily detectable and quantifiable to early scientists and electrical engineers.

Scalar waves are longitudinal and are not actually a wave. The word 'wave' is somewhat misleading and perhaps 'scalar waves' could be exchanged with "The electro dynamic connection between all matter" because it is actually everywhere. A wave implies that something moves through time.

Time is considered to be simply compressed energy, compressed by the factor of the speed of light squared. Scalar waves move faster than the speed of light. They are instant. They also move between all matter, so they are not limited or blocked by physical obstructions in space, like transverse EM waves are.

Although scalar fields cannot be detected by a standard meters, they are readily picked up by living organisms.  All living things produce their own scalar energy (called bio-scalar), and are sensitive to scalar energy in their environment. The Earth is constantly producing a variety of ever-changing scalar fields, which our bodies have evolved with and naturally are tuned too.

Scalar fields aren’t good or bad.  They can be either harmonizing or destructive. This would depend on how they are produced, what information is being carried by the scalar component, and the coherent or incoherent fields that are used.

The scalar frequencies in nature are very low and supportive of live and biology. Man made EMF produces higher frequencies which seem to be harmful to our biology. Learn more about the effects of EMF.

Let’s take the 60 Hz frequency generated by mains power at home for example. It is a steady, pulsed 60 Hz at all times, with no variance.  When a living organism is exposed to one repetitive frequency for a long enough time, this single frequency will hit the body’s cells in the same way, over and over, like a hammer banging on the same spot repeatedly.  Over time, this may cause DNA damage.

Some machines use scalar waves as well as electromagnetic waves but they are more likely to carry high frequency which is harmful.

It is important to use scalar waves in the right form especially due to the fact that nothing can block scalar.


The first time in recorded history that scalar was described was by Scottish scientist James Clerk Maxwell, in the mid 1800’s.  His first equations describing electric and magnetic fields also accounted for a scalar component.  His linking of electricity and magnetism in his equations formed the basis of modern physics, and also presented the theoretical possibility of scalar energy.  As Maxwell’s electromagnetic concepts were further developed by early scientists (including Heinrich Hertz), the scalar theory was disregarded as “too mystical” and physically unmanifest, and therefore ineffectual. It took half a century longer to begin to discover the true power of scalar.

Nikola Tesla, a Serbian-American inventor, physicist, electrical engineer, and the inventor of radio and the alternating current (AC), accidentally rediscovered scalar waves while experimenting with violently abrupt direct current (DC) electrical charges.  Tesla’s experiments were building on German physicist Heinrich Hertz’s proof of Maxwell’s electromagnetic theories.

By 1904, Tesla had developed transmitters to move scalar energy back and forth while bypassing time and space with no need for wires, as it would simply materialize from one place to another.  Unfortunately, he never received funding to continue his research to develop scalar technology enough to replace current forms of electricity.  It is widely believed that Tesla never received funding because his discoveries were a threat to the huge energy industries of the time. Tesla had found a way to do what these industries were doing, but far better, faster, and with less expense to the consumer, because they didn’t require the use of oil, coal or even wires.

The implications of continuing to develop scalar field theory and its practical applications could dramatically change the course of the world and society. Specifically in relation to our biology, scalar carrier waves can be used  to deliver “perfect DNA” information to stimulate physical healing from any illness.


Blushield technology is highly advanced and is a product of 30 years of research and hard work. The technology uses pulse/pause cycle (on for about 3 seconds and off approximately 30 seconds). With long-term use of the Blushield, the body becomes more resilient to EMF. The benefits are cumulative and felt more over time, rather than immediately (although I have seen immediate positive responses in my own children).

Blushield devices are active protection devices. They have a power source that allows them to radiate a symphony of low level frequencies which effect our body at the cellular level.

Scalar carrier waves are a key component to the effectiveness of Blushield devices.  The microprocessor in Blushield delivers a complex multiple waveform algorithm of frequencies on a scalar carrier wave, which are modeled after the known patterns of nature, including the Phi ratio and Fibonacci as well as complex mathematical equations that never stimulate the body with the same combination of frequencies twice.  The frequencies are all within the human responsive range, which are frequency ranges that are shown to affect living organisms in beneficial ways.  Within that range and conforming to the natural patterns, the algorithm ensures that the frequency combinations are never repetitive – they will never produce the same combination of frequencies at the same amplitude twice! 

This ensures that we can have our Blushield running for years, decades, or our entire lives, and never become resistant to the frequencies and lose the beneficial effects.

This scalar wave carrying a variety of natural, coherent frequencies does not block the EMFs in our environment. It simply produces a competing field that’s high-powered enough for our bodies to tune into instead of the incoherent EMFs. The manmade EMFs can continue to run in the background, nothing changed, but all living organisms in the range of the Blushield will have adapted to “listen” to the Blushield frequencies instead of the other.

The old days of using high voltage and coils to produce scalar waves are over. Blushield has innovated what is possible in regards to scalar energy and how it positively effects living organisms.

Blushield studies have focused entirely on its effects on the health of living organisms – the only results that truly matter.  It has shown profound beneficial results in human live blood cell and urine analysis, and significant improvement in health markers and behavior of animals (cows and chickens). 

Science still has a long way to develop and to determine how exactly Scalar energy effect our body. The only studies that can prove that a device actually protects you from the harmful effects of EMFs would be solely focused on the results on living organisms – measuring changes in their health and vitality.

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