Why is EMF protection important?

Schumann resonance (7.83Hz) is the most dominant electromagnetic frequency (EMF) that surrounds our planet. This low frequency exists due to the relationship that our planet has with the sun – The earth is plugged in to the power source from the sun. You could say that the whole planet sings the Schumann song – it is like the heartbeat of the planet. 

All life on our planet is in tune with this resonance and the variety of Schurmann frequencies are supportive of our biology and life itself.


We know that when astronauts leave the earth, away from the ionosphere and are no longer effected by the earth’s frequencies, there is a slow process of degeneration of the body.

A similar process seems to happen to all of us as we are being exposed more and more to man made EMF - we get disconnected.

(Man-made EMF is the electromagnetic fields that emanate from artificial lighting, electrical wiring, electrical equipment/appliances, power lines, substations, mobile phones, mobile phone towers, , Wi-Fi, TV and radio towers, wireless devices, MRI technology, microwave ovens and smart meters.)

Imagine that you pull a tree with its roots out of the ground which is the main source of it’s life. Would you expect that it would thrive in the same way?

This is what is happening to us. The vast difference between the low frequency of the earth and the constant rise in the high frequency of man made EMF is making it harder for our bodies to heal and regenerate.

Just since 10 years ago the amount of EMF we are exposed to has increased by a quintillion.

That is by 1000,000,000,000,000,000. (see the top video in this page with Olle Johansson phD professor of neuro science Sweden speaking)

It is not just the strength of the signal but the difference in shape/polarity of the signals that are significant. 

We do not know how damaging the next generation of Wifi (G5) is going to be. But according to research we do know that there are some tissues that are particularly effected by EMF due to their electric mechanism. 

In these tissues, EMF effects calcium signalling within the cell. These are: developing Brains, Cardiac tissue (heart), testes, ovaries, eyes, ears and muscle tissue.

The structure of the new G5 system will be additional to our current Wifi network. The speed of Wifi between 4G and 5G will increase by 1000 times!  This means information is going to move even faster, but at what cost?

Remember that the body is electric and consider that Wifi offers new artificial frequencies. The question that arises is to which frequency will our body and brain tune to? 

Mr. Pawel Wypychowski gave the following example:

When in the army they want to sabotage the enemy’s radio – they transmit similar and higher frequencies to break the communication and jam their radio transmission.

The receiver is then unable to recognize the real signal. And this is what is happening to us. – we are being disconnected from nature and that has a massive effect on our biology .

But we are not only disconnected, we are also being introduced to new disturbing frequencies.

Simple things we can do to help ourselves and our children

Because we are under constant influence of EMF, there is no break and no time for regeneration.

That is why spending time in nature or at least putting our feet on the earth once a day is essential.

Use Ethernet cables at home, at work and in schools instead of Wifi or at least turn your router off at night.

Use your speaker on your phone or a ear tube. keep the phone away from yourself and turn it off at night.

Avoid using bluetooth devices.

Avoid using a baby monitor near a baby's cot.

Avoid using fitbits and smart watches.

Use devices like Blushield to protect yourself and your children.


Want to know more?

The fast-increasing electro smog that we live in now has a profound effect on our biology:

  • In 2016 the European Academy of Environmental Medicine (EUROPAEM) published their Guidelines for the Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment of EMF-Related Health Problems and Illnesses. Click here for more information. 

  • In rats exposure to EMF caused tumors on their myelin sheath. It has also led to a drop in reproduction to almost zero. 

  • Many leading EMF scientists say EMFs should be classified as a “Class 1” definite carcinogen (just like smoking and asbestos)1 

  • Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD have observed that EMFs are at the very root cause of “Mystery” symptomsincluding insomnia, fatigue, depression, and digestive issues.

  • EMF “safety” standards haven’t been updated since 1996, and are based on short-term exposure to ONE device only. International safety guidelines are based only on the thermal (heating) effects of EMF, however there are many other non-thermal effects that EMF has.

  • Professor Martin Pall recipient of a Global Discovery Award 2013 for his work on this matter has presented extensive research showing the following:

•Exposure to EMF in rats caused tumorson their myelin sheath

as well as a drop in reproduction to almost zero. 

•EMF is considered as a carcinogen– 

there are 35 reviews on cancer causation by EMF.

EMF was found to increase initiation of carcinogenesis, tumor promotion and progression, increased tissue invasion and metastasis.

•EMF causes mutations in DNA. 3 types of DNA damage were observed (Paroxioxide-----free radicals attacking DNA)

•Infertility- Changes in structure of testes and ovaries, low sperm and egg count.

•changes in brain structure in animals. 

•Cardiac effects were observed.

•Developing brains and children are highly effected by EMF due to 

higher density of stem cells, greater water ratio and a higher surface to volume ratio.

•Blood brain barrier breakdown

•Oxidative stress and free radical formation

•Insomnia - melatoninmay drop almost to ZERO when exposed to these fields.

•Children have higher surface to volume ratio's and their tissues are more exposed to EMF. Because young tissues have much greater extracellular water content, it leads to deeper penetration of EMF effects. The developing brain seems to be more sensitive to EMF. Children have very high densities of stem cells which are particularly sensitive to EMF.

How does EMF Effect our body?

The influences of EMF (good or bad) are caused by its effects on calcium channels.

Calcium channels are Ion channels (allow the movement of calcium ions through them). They are present in most cell types in the body and play a wide variety of functional roles in cellular processes such as control of transmitter and hormone release, contraction of muscle (cardiac, smooth and skeletal), 

fertilization,regulatingcellular excitability, neurotransmitter release, insulin secretion and calcium dependent gene transcription. mutations in various calcium channel isoforms have been associated with conditions such as familial migraine, deafness, epilepsy, cardiac arrhythmias and ataxia  


EMF effects the body Via activation of voltage-gated calcium channels (Particularly L-Type) as well as creating changes in calcium fluxes – so when ever there is exposure to EMF there is a flux of calcium and changes in calcium signalling within the cell.


(The same channels can be blocked by calcium channel blockers which is a mechanism used in various medications) 

Increased inter-cellular calcium is causing the health effects of EMF exposure. 

In short - Microwaves and other EMF’s......activate VGCC’s......increase in intracellular calcium.....increase in Nitric Oxide/ free radicals.

VGCC’s have a role in the release of almost every neurotransmitter in the brain.

This has immense effect on our biology.

For more information about the cellular effects of EMF have a look at the bottom video in this page presented by Professor Martin Pall.