Advanced Corporate Executive Mentoring Program 


A program for companies who value their employees and 
who’s aim is not only to have an excellent product or service, 
but to have their people Thrive.


My Vision

For many years I have been treating people for depression, anxiety and other stress related disorders. Many are working in the corporate world, dealing with demands beyond their capacity. In my clinic I have had excellent results with these clients so that I now offer to mentor and teach their companies how to operate more effectively and harmoniously. My vision is to see your executives and your workforce being highly productive without a cost to their health and wellbeing. I want to see a team of people functioning with ease and harmony—without battling negative emotions or resorting to the use of medications, drugs, alcohol and constant supply of coffee in order to survive. I want to see happy executives who return home at the end of the day without stress so they can be great parents and partners!


What Does the program include?

The length of training and the methods chosen vary and depend on the needs of the people involved. Every executive will receive personal sessions, which may include Acupuncture, Alexander Technique and Meditation. This will allow the mentor to get to know each individual personally, in order to address all issues in the best way possible.

Group meditation classes are used to assist the individual to be free of stress and the conditioning that caused it. Meditation in small groups will give the participants practical tools to deal with stress and work challenges effectively.

Acupuncture is very effective in relieving stress and its detrimental effects on the body and mind. 

Alexander Technique is used to change negative patterns of physical and mental behaviour. The result of this combination of methods is calm, centred people who respond appropriately to the situation they face. This naturally improves the efficacy of their work and their relationships with colleagues and family members.


It is not what you do, but how you do it - A story:  

It is told that long ago an Arabian ruler was at war with his neighbouring nation. The fighting continued for over 20 years. Once in a battle; he himself was challenged to a dual by the opponent leader. They both charged towards each other on their horses. This ruler was a superb fighter and very quickly had his enemy on the ground. He stood above his enemy, pointing his sword towards his neck and was just about to kill him. But suddenly his enemy spat on his face! He felt a rush of anger and then took a step back retreating his sword. He then said ' Thats it! We stop here, tomorrow we start again!' and turned back towards his camp. 

The enemy was shocked and said: 'are you crazy? For 20 years we have been fighting each other, You just had the golden opportunity, my kingdom could have been yours! if it was me I would have killed you and won the war! why did you stop?!'

The wise ruler said 'up until now we were two nations fighting for a cause. I always promised myself that I would never make it personal that I would never have anger in my fighting. But you spat on me and I was so angry that I wanted to kill you - it became personal. So I say - we start again tomorrow!' 

Ever since the two countries lived in peace.

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