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How does Acupuncture work?

Over the centuries there has been a constant human effort to understand life. Thousands of years ago, in China, through meditation and the observation of nature, Taoist practitioners observed that there is something behind all processes of life. They called it ‘Qi’.

Happiness and healing

All we want is to be happy and healthy. It seems so simple a goal and yet the truth is that most of us are suffering from some kind of physical, emotional or mental imbalance. Somewhere in our early childhood our physical body and mental behaviour starts to lose harmony.

Chronic fatigue

It is quite a challenge to find balance in the way that we live our life today. Many people are simply exhausted. Everyone seems to be overdoing everything these days and are unable to get themselves off that fast train. Sounds familiar?

Energetics of Medication

There are many advantages and good reasons for using medication. I am not against the use of medication at all, however I think that it is important to understand that using medications for various reasons can bring  on one hand an immediate relief of your symptoms, but on the other hand it creates a long term effect on bodily systems and how they function.

Liver at spring

Winter is now ending and Spring is on our doorstep. This is a wonderful opportunity for me to share with you the Chinese understanding of Spring time and its relationship with our body and mind.

Acupuncture for fertility

In this day and age, we are constantly bombarded with more than what our body and mind can handle. We are exposed to toxins, radiation, medication, noise and high levels of stress; the food we eat is often highly processed, lacking nutrients and seems to have more and more artificial content in it.

It seems like more woman struggle with re-currant miscarriages or with conception. At times the root cause is unclear. 

Healthy recipes

The recipes below I have gathered over the years from various sources. Some are based on recipes from 'Nourishing Traditions' by Sally Fallon.

Food recommendations for general good health

There are so many different approaches to diet and sometimes that can be overwhelming. However, there are some basics that would be good to follow. The list below offers general suggestions and is not specific for any condition! If you suffer from a particular condition or illness - I recommend that you seek specific nutritional advice that will be tailor made for your needs as each condition requires a different nutritional approach. The key is to eat foods that are clean and not processed. And learn how to prepare your food before cooking.