Happiness and Healing          


All we want is to be happy and healthy. It seems so simple a goal and yet the truth is that most of us are suffering from some kind of physical, emotional or mental imbalance. Somewhere in our early childhood our physical body and mental behaviour starts to lose harmony. This process occurs when we are no longer attentive to our true nature and we start to accuire emotional, mental and physical habits which are often not very helpful. I think that most of us don't take the time to change those habits and we tend to nurture them and add more of them throughout life.

Gradually, layers of conditioning are being formed within our mental, emotional and physical bodies and we loose the initial sense of freedom, joy, love and peace that we were born with.

With time, this gradual process affects our cellular behaviour and a pattern of illness begins to develop.

This is not to say that it is the only process through which illness develops, but it is a significant one and most people often push it to the bottom of their 'to do list' when it comes to their health. That is because it requires them to look inside and REALLY change. It is much easier to take all the right supplements or medication and see all the best practitioners then to actually take responsibility...


Here is an example of how things can develop:

Due to some past event, a person may experience deep sadness in childhood, but never express it due to the fear of being rejected or not loved. As time goes by, these emotions may create physical or mental patterns of behaviour which will colour this persons view of the world and their way of thinking and relating to the world. That is because every thought they think will be influenced by the conditioning they accuired. That person may experience frustration or anger throughout their life without understanding the reason why or if they are unaware, they may not even feel any emotion until one day pain, or a skin condition, will starts to develop (anger is the external expression of a deeper hurt or sadness).

When the pattern of anger lingers, the cells in our body may react with inflammation.


Patterns of physical behaviour are a creation of our mind. Therefore, a part of the process of healing physical ailments is attending to the way your mind functions.

Of course if a person is determined enough, he or she may be able to change any pattern. But I would like to suggest to you that actively solving your ‘negative’ patterns may not lead you to happiness - it will bring more conflict within you with a false impression of progress. When trying to resolve your compulsions, desires, fears etc., you may feel relief or some happiness, but this is only temporary. It will move more deeply into your mind and body. Soon you will find something else that needs improving and the list is endless! You are only moving from one prison cell to the next! If you are not content as you are, how can your physical body experience peace and harmony? There is a constant conflict within you, can you see that?


Any attempt to fix your discomfort or any reaction towards it indicates that you are in conflict with what you feel. The only way for real change to take place would be to include any difficulty in your being - this is the opposite to rejecting it or being in conflict with it. It means that you need to no longer interfere with your nature.


I would like to suggest that you may be able to find great peace and freedom by simply being aware of the conditioning that is warped around you, with no attempt of fixing it. It is only when you allow everything within yourself to be, without preference and judgment, without rejecting the negative and clinging to the positive - only then you will live life as a whole being and without conflict. Only then you will be free of 'yourself' as you know it and a new self will arise in you. This requires an investigation inwards in the present moment.


If you can find the courage to look within, you will become more and more free, and as your patterns disappear, the cells of your body will be less and less affected and their behaviour will gradually change from pathological to harmonious. True happiness and true healing is an internal process, not an external one!

It is simple, when you stop interfering with nature, it flows!

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