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As a human race, we often interfere with the processes of nature. That is true of the world that we live in and of our inner world of thought and emotion. Meditation is a process of learning how to no longer interfere with nature. It is a passive and simple process that allows negative patterns in the mind to take their natural course and dissipate. At the same time it allows the natural flow of love, peace, joy and freedom to effortlessly expand.

The art of not interfering with the nature of your mind is meditation and the result of that is freedom and Authenticity, simplicity and peace.



My Meditation course:


I have been developing this course over many years. It has now reached its blossoming, and I allow myself you  say that it is a no bullshit, kick ass course!

In this course you will learn how to bring meditation into everyday life. It is not a practice that will give you a break from life’s craziness so you can then go back to your anxious self a little more refreshed. It will give you the tools to live in this busy life with inner peace and not react to life situations as people often do, but remain silent inside.


Day 1 – ‘Understanding the map of yourself’ offers the foundation for understanding and changing patterns of your mind which don’t serve you any more. In this class I will explain what is meditation and how to apply it. You will observe your mind and the way it operates. Observing, understanding and discovering different aspects of your mind will allow your mind to change. The mind can only really change if you stop interrupting its nature. You will learn the skill of not interrupting! In this way, very deep patterns that you have carried for many years can simply dissolve by themselves. It is a passive process, a process of non-doing which leads to freedom and authenticity, resulting in your ability to respond to life situations appropriately without inhibitions or emotional charge.


Day 2 – ‘Bringing meditation into practice in everyday life’ will focus on practice, further clarification of the first class and on what is left when your conditioned mind is no longer there! . What is left can be seen as your true nature and you will learn how to not disturb that so it can effortlessly express itself.

You will find that being true to YOU has much simplicity about it. It is extraordinarily ordinary.

The aim is for you to be in meditation in everyday life and not just during meditation practice time so you can be a better father and mother, a better employer or employee and a effortlessly kind, loving and happy human being. In order for that to take place, something deep in yourself has to change. That is what I am aiming for!

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