Meditation Testimonials



'I have been coming to Gal’s meditation classes on and off over the last seven years. The way that Gal teaches meditation is very unique, simple and in my opinion the way for raising self awareness and understanding the traps of our minds. He accommodates a wide variety of audience and his personal approach to everyone is amazing. He can be gentle and very hard at the same time, something that needs to be experienced. I have come to believe that Gal's teaching is one of the purist approaches available.' 




'It is incredible. I can only explain it as learning to walk again. It felt like I was walking without tension, walking itself was a whole new experience. I could see through fresh eyes with wonder and no limitations... It just is, I just am. It doesn't finish there Gal, experiences this morning have continued to amaze me, clarity of thought in situations I would normally struggle with.'