Treating People, not just illnesses - what does a holistic approach actually mean?

Everything that we do in life, whether it is preparing a meal, constructing a table or reading a story can all be a mechanical task or a live, attentive and creative process.

This is also true for treatment. Is it really possible to just fix a knee and forget about the person who is attached to it? How can we treat pneumonia without attending the grief that is accompanying it? Of course it is possible, but it is mechanical and most definitely not holistic.

We are whole beings, and over many years we develop patterns of illness. Our illness is mental, emotional and physical all together and cannot be dissected and seen as separate. Even our family and environment cannot be seen as separate when we wish to heal ourselves.

To treat diabetes or even a back ache we must include the whole YOU in it – if real healing is to take place.

If you want to cover it up or make it feel better and have a relief than yes – treat it mechanically – it will do the job. However if you want to create a real change in your condition, then YOU will also have to change. If it is your digestion that you wish to heal, then, All your other organs will also have to be considered and balanced as they are a part of one unit.

My approach in the clinic is to understand the root cause of the condition and to investigate what is going on in the whole of you in order to bring you to a state of health and happiness.

Gal Mor


Alexander Technique


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