Blushield EMF Protection - why is it important?

About 13 years ago I met a naturopath in Sydney that specialised in Infertility. As a part of her protocol for infertility, she included a device for EMF (Electro magnetic Frequency) protection. She was aware that EMF has a significant effect on ovaries and testes.

Since then I have learned more about EMF and I would like to share with you some information so you may have a basic understanding of why it is so important to protect ourselves and our children.

The most dominant electromagnetic frequency that surrounds our planet is called the Schumann resonance (7.83Hz). This low frequency exists due to the relationship that our planet has with the sun – The earth is plugged in to the power source from the sun. You could say that the whole planet sings the Schumann song – it is like the heartbeat of the planet. All life on our planet is in tune with this resonance and the variety of Schurmann frequencies are supportive of our biology and life itself.

The difficulty that we are now facing is that man made EMF we are exposed to, is so high that the Schurmann frequencies around us are less noticed by our biology and we become disconnected from them. I have learned that just since 10 years ago or so, the amount of man made EMF we are exposed to, has increased by a quintillion. That is by 1000,000,000,000,000,000.

Imagine that you pull a tree with its roots out of the ground which is one main source of it’s life. Would you expect that it would thrive in the same way?

The vast difference between the low frequency of the earth and the constant rise in the high frequency of man made EMF is making it harder for our bodies to heal and regenerate. We know now that there are some tissues that are particularly effected by EMF due to their electric mechanism. In these tissues, EMF effects calcium signalling within the cell. These are: developing Brains, Cardiac tissue (heart), testes, ovaries, eyes, ears and muscle tissue. It is important to consider how a new generation is now exposed to EMF 24-7 from conception, pregnancy and through their developing years onto adulthood.

What can we do to help our body

Put your feet on the ground every day.

Use Ethernet cables at home, work and schools instead of Wifi (at least turn off your router at night).

Use a speaker phone or an air tube.

Keep your mobile phone away from yourself and off at night.

Avoid using bluetooth devices.

Avoid using a baby monitor near a baby’s cot.

Avoid using fitbits and smart watches.

Spend time in nature.

Remember to smile.

Use Blushield devices at home, at work and when you travel.

How does Blushield technology protects from EMF

We are electric beings and we connect to the strongest signal available around us. Naturally we would connect with the earth’s frequency, but in our cities, the EMF shouts louder than the earth and we connect with it’s damaging quality instead.

Blushield are active devices which produce frequency similar to the earth’s frequency but in an amplified version. By amplifying these earthly frequencies it fights for your attention. Your body then re-aligns with earthly frequencies rather than EMF.

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