Stress & Immunity

There are certainly many aspects which contribute to a healthy immunity and there is still probably a lot more that we can learn about it. But there is one aspect that I think is important and I would like you to consider:

Our body is in constant relationship with different organisms that are living inside, outside and all around us. Our incredible human microbiome naturally contains a plethora of bacteria and viruses that co-exist with us. Viruses and bacteria are in a way a part of who we are. It is when our body is under stress, that it loses its delicate balance and becomes more susceptible to illness. Stress changes our internal environment so that certain pathogens that are normally not an issue, can suddenly proliferate. Stress also gives rise to adrenalin which damages the liver and immune cells.

One should then ask: What stresses the body and contributes to change within our internal environment?

What things we can do to create favorable conditions and restore a healthy balance?

Here are some ideas:

  • Emotional and mental stress changes your internal environment. It weakens and blocks your life force and effects how your body operates electrically as well as hormonally. This makes you an easier target for pathogens to take up residence and have a party! Stress happens when our interpretation of life events becomes negative or when we focus on our problems rather on solutions. Your focus is a very important aspect of health and healing. Focus on solutions, watch funny videos, do things that make you smile in order to move your mind to a positive place . Learn to meditate in order to find your centre again and unlock negative habits.

  • Overworking leads to exhaustion which stresses the body. Today we are all in hyper mode. It is go go go all the time. Many people I see have adrenals that are over-working and their system is in a sympathetic mode (also called fight or flight mode). Over time this leads to exhaustion and of course effects our immune system. Pathogens can thrive on high levels of adrenaline in the body. Teach yourself when it is time to stop and pause. There will always be more things to accomplish.. Remember that in nature nothing continues on forever, there is always pause and change.

  • Toxicity changes the internal environment in our body. Toxins are accumulated over time from air pollution, the food we eat, products we use etc'. We are even born with toxicity that travels via the umbilical cord. Educate yourself about clean water, unprocessed and organic/bio-dynamic foods. Learn how to support and cleanse your liver which takes a lot of the toxic burden in your body. in our modern culture, the liver requires constant support.

  • Place your bare feet on the ground. Earth yourself. Spend more time in nature. Why is this helpful? Your body is electrical in nature and runs on very low frequencies. Living in an environment full of man made electromagnetic frequencies connects us with much higher frequencies which can stress the body. High frequencies are not compatible with your biology and may create a disturbance in your internal environment. It builds up a positive charge in the body. Connecting to the ground and spending time in nature will help to re-set your body's frequencies. When we touch the earth with our skin, we absorb negatively charged free electrons and this has wide-ranging health benefits, including balancing our nervous system; improving uptake and flow of oxygen to our cells; reducing inflammation and strengthening our immune system. Also consider turning off your WiFi at night or even better, change to using ethernet cables.

Click here to learn more about why it is important to protect yourself and your family from Electro Magnetic Radiation. Click here to learn more about products for protection that are available at our clinic.

  • There are many wonderful supplements, whole foods and herbs that you can incorporate in your daily life to strengthen your natural defences. Here are some ideas: Two critical nutrients to boost your immunity are vitamin C and zinc. I prefer Ester C (which is gentler on the stomach) and liquid zinc sulphate. Lemon balm is a powerful antiviral and antibacterial herb. You can use it fresh in teas for find a tincture (preferably alcohol free). Raw Garlic fights viruses and bacteria and also strengthens the immune system. You can boost your intake by adding it to salads and homemade guacamole. Try bringing in lots of teas like fresh ginger with lemon and honey. A big favourite of mine is fresh thyme tea. Thyme is an incredible antiviral herb. It also helps to soothe coughs and relieve fevers. Use 2 or more sprigs of thyme with 2 cups of hot water and steep for at least an hour and you can add raw honey and/or lemon according to your taste. Drink everyday.

  • Acupuncture removes blockages, restores harmony and strengthens the life force or "Qi" of your body. Acupuncture gives new signals and supports favorable changes your internal environment. Obviously I am a big fan of acupuncture! If you can, book acupuncture treatments to de-stress.

  • It is of course always important to maintain your hygiene practices and minimise exposure.

Immunity has a lot to do with the way we live life. For our immune system to function well we must find balance in every aspects of life. Just remember that your body has an amazing ability to heal and regenerate itself when it is provided with the right support and environment. Your body has already successfully fought many pathogens before! Trust it!

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