Healing your anxiety

We are all born with a sense of peace and security, a feeling that everything is ok. It is an integral part of who we are. Somewhere along the way most of us loose sight of our inner sense of peace. That is the beginning of the process of anxiety.

In my observation, at least in the big cities, most people are experiencing some degree of anxiety. Anxiety has turned into our regular state of being and we are less and less familiar with the feeling of peace. Because anxiety has become the norm, some people do not even recognize that they are in fact anxious.

In some people anxiety develops into a debilitating condition up to the point that they are unable to perform daily tasks.

If you are one of those people and suffer from anxiety and anxiety attacks, it would be essential for you to consider the following:

1. It would be helpful and perhaps comforting to recognise that it is not just you who finds life overwhelming. It seems that most people are not peaceful most of the time (even if they don’t show it).

2. An essential thing you must understand and discover for yourself is that your sense of peace is in fact already there and was never lost(!) You just need to learn how to access it again. Although in your experience anxiety can be overwhelming and all consuming, when observing closely, you may find out that it is actually much more superficial than you might think

it is.

3. Recognise that what you feel is your own reaction to life and is not caused by anything else external to you. By doing so, you will take responsibility for your anxiety and that is key for things to change.

4. Changing the habit of anxiety.

In order to clarify these important points, particularly the last three, I highly recommend the use of meditation and Alexander Technique as methods which greatly assist in the healing process.


I have noticed over the years that most people who use medication for anxiety, often don’t really want to do so. They result to medication because they don’t see any other way out of it. Most people experience that their medication wraps them in a cloud of haze which suppresses anxiety but also prevents them from fully engaging in life. It is as if they live life through a grey vale.

Although every case is individual, and there is no ‘Magic pill’ that will guarantee the cure of Anxiety, in my experience, when someone is willing, it is possible over a period of time to change the habit of anxiety and find again the sense of inner peace instead of the so called ‘I am ok’ feeling that medication provides.

I am not saying it is a quick fix. It does require time and effort, but completely possible.

Acupuncture treatment

There is no current sufficient scientific evidence that Acupuncture can heal Anxiety. Acupuncture may assist anxiety by supporting the effectiveness of allopathic/multidisciplinary treatment or treat symptoms which can be related to Anxiety such as stress, physical pain or sweating.

According to Chinese Medicine, in order for anxiety to manifest, energy flow is likely to be stuck in the upper part of the body. This can be due to an imbalance in energy dynamics between various organs. Stimulating Acupuncture points can help support to body towards greater balance

If you have any further questions about this topic, you are welcome to contact me via the website or call me on 0434 991 925.

I wish you will find your peace!


Canberra Acupuncture, Alexander Technique, Meditation

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