Keeping the thread of continuity in treatment.

Disease can be divided into two main categories: acute and chronic. While acute conditions may be resolved relatively quickly, chronic illness often requires consistency in treatment. Although I will explain why consistency is so important from the perspective of an acupuncturist, I do think that practitioners of other modalities may share a similar view.

In an acute stage of illness the body responds to something such as an allergen, a trauma, a toxin or a pathogen. If the body operates well, this state of inflammatory emergency will stop after a short time and the body will resume equilibrium again. But when the body is unable to resolve an imbalance, it does not go back to equilibrium. Instead, it moves into a process of chronic illness - an unresolved issue.

Over time, the body moves into a new pattern - (these days we may call it a “new normal” - which is very abnormal..) new chemical and electrical behaviours take place and cells behave differently. A new pattern develops and the body creates a new habit of operation.

Perhaps you might remember that when you were a child your mum had to remind you to sit up straight again and again or stop biting your nails. You might also remember how many times she nagged you and despite your good intention, the same habit took place again. Perhaps if you play an instrument, you know that it takes a lot of repetition for you to get your fingers moving without you having to think of it too much?

I know that there are select few who can change a habit after one reminder, but for most of us, we do need several reminders on a regular basis. The habits of your body require the same.

What we do in treatment, is creating a new pathway or habit for your body and mind. While your existing chronic pattern has already established it’s roots in your cellular matrix, we must create a strong enough and consistent enough tone that will carry your body into a new and healthier pattern. That is why I often ask clients to keep up their treatment, because in the majority of patients consistency and perseverance pays off!

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