Healing Secrets no. 2: finding balance - a  magic factor for healing

Life today seems so busy. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find balance. We live in a GO GO GO society that strives for achievement and doesn’t encourage a pause.

Between emails, social media, work, kids, school, afternoon activities, keeping fit, buying more things, preparing meals, paying bills etc’ ,there is very little time (if any) to simply be (even though we multi-tasking!). We have a need to constantly achieve and complete things and forgotten how to be quiet.

There is not enough time. We even get impatient while waiting for a Youtube video to download. I have noticed that for some people it is time consuming to listen to a voice message on their phone – it takes too long! A text is often a preference – it saves time..

When we observe nature we find something very different:

Flowers close in the afternoon, the trees do not continuously produce flowers and fruit throughout the year, but they pause for a season or two. In winter trees become dormant and their energy goes inwards, they stop growth and store food in preparation for spring. Nothing in nature remains at it’s peak all the time – there is a rhythm between movement and rest.

Nature knows the value of a pause, but we have forgotten.

A key for healing is to follow the rhythm in nature. Take a moment to pause, listen to your body – it will always tell you when to stop, when it is enough. When you “over do it” you get anxious, your back gets sore, you develop headaches or get exhausted.

In order to heal, you must find balance. Go out to nature and learn how to just ‘be’. You will discover that pausing, or stopping is not wasting time. It has great value! It is the most important supplement you should be taking daily in order to heal!

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