Healing Secrets no1: Do you really want to change?

Healing happens when the present pattern or habit that you have changes. It can be a mental habit such as being on guard or stressed all the time even when everything is actually ok, or it can be a physical habit such as low immunity and recurrent sickness, or it can also be a postural habit of keeping your back upright excessively.

Changing habits is a healing process. It is a process of deep change and is not always an easy thing to do. It does take time, but more importantly, it requires that you will take responsibility for yourself and that you will have the willingness to change.

At the core of any healing process - before you take all the best herbs, vitamins, and see the best practitioners of any modality - willingness has to be there.

You need to really want it.

You might say, of course I don’t want to be sick!

The reason I am talking about this, is that even though this may sound obvious, it is often not the case.

The fact that a person takes their vitamins religiously every day does not necessarily mean that they actually decided to heal. It could be masking some part of themselves that doesn’t want to get better – but will always have the excuse of "Well, I have been doing all the right things and still no change, so it cannot possibly be my fault..". In this case the person also does not take responsibility for their condition.

In my clinic I work to create the right environment in your body and mind so you can then heal.

Healing means that the ‘negative’ way in which your mind and body operate really changes. When something really changes, that means it no longer requires effort on your part – it becomes the norm.

My job is to direct your body and mind with new signals so it will develop harmony and health in your body and mind.

It is true that we can often manage on our own and it is also true that sometimes we need support.

If you are in need of support, I am happy to help!

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